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Welcome to the 2017 Washington County Pit Bulls Sponsors Page

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Thank you for your consideration to support the 2017 Washington County Pit Bulls. The Washington County Pit Bulls are an American Football semi-pro team that provides athletes a top-quality opportunity to extend their football playing career in an environment of good sportsmanship. These athletes have a wide array of playing experience, from no experience to professional Arena and International experience, and want to pursuit a platform for competing after their college eligibility has been exhausted. The Washington County Pit Bulls compete in the Pacific Football League that is comprised of 5 teams in Oregon: Portland Raiders, Washington County Pit Bulls, Lane County Buzzards, Southern Oregon Renegades (Medford), and the Basin Berserkers (Klamath Falls).

Washington County Pit Bulls encourages our athletes to use semi-pro football as a sport to:

  • Improve their athletic excellence and build an athletic resume. 
  • Build life skills of leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Your sponsorship Proceeds

The Washington County Pit Bulls is a grass roots organization and are based out of Hare Field in Hillsboro. Aside from helping with travel expenses, with the support of your sponsorship, we are able to make a commitment to the community offering an alternative outlet for young men and educational opportunities via scholarship awards based on merit and community service. 

Benefits of Sponsorship

The Washington County Pit Bulls offer the following marketing solutions on Pit Bulls merchandise for sponsors to brand their logo, based the level of sponsorship:

  • T-shirts (100pcs)
  • Rally Towels (100pcs)
  • Water Bottles (100pcs)
  • Drawstring Sacks (100pcs)
  • Silicon Bracelets (300pcs)
  • Printed Gate Tickets
  • Mini Football Stress Relief balls (250pcs)

Sponsor Referral Program

The Sponsor Referral Program is a program that provides incentives for sponsor referrals through their business networks making it possible to enjoy higher tier sponsorship level benefits.


Register to be a 2017 Washington County Pit Bulls Sponsor

To view the Sponsor Referral Benefits and get a copy of the 2017 Washington County Pit Bulls Sponsorship package. Please register at the link below.

Because the Washington County Pit Bulls are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.  The Washington County are proud of its communities and its local businesses.  Thank you for supporting the Washington County Pit Bulls. Go Pit Bulls!!!