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2017 Pacific Football League Starts


Pacific Football League

Welcome to the Pacific Football League!

The PFL is an American amateur football league located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is home to the following teams:

  • Portland Raiders (Portland, OR)
  • Washington County Pit Bulls (Hillsboro, OR)
  • South Lane Buzzards (Springfield, OR)
  • Southern Oregon Renegades (Medford, OR)
  • Basin Berserkers (Klamath Falls, OR)

The PFL is proud to have a marketable collection of teams, each  executing sound business practices and rostering high caliber athletes creating stiff competition for the championship title each season.

PFL Webmaster

PFL Webmaster

Pacific Football League

    Pacific Football League Updates & News

    Pit Bulls Hold 1st OTA of the 2017 Season

    By Mark Ancheta 01/21/2017, 8:30pm PST

    The Washington County Pit Bulls open 2017 OTAs at Hare Field

    (Hillsboro, OR) The Washington County Pit Bulls kicked off their 2017 season holding their first OTA at Hare Field. This was the first day for new incoming talent to perform in front of coaches and veteran Pit Bull personnel.  Despite the challenges of inclement weather that has hampered two scheduled tryouts on December 14, 2016 and on January 7, 2017, the energy at practice was high. Rookie Head Coach Mark Ancheta could be seen moving from station to station observing players and coaches and inputting coaching feed back. 

    Photos of Saturdays practice can be seen on at the hyperlink:

    "We welcomed some new talent today that want to try out and look for a position to contribute on the field this season.  Our practice energy was pretty good today.  We are picking up the pace with practice and want to be effective with our time moving from station to station.  Its a change of business for us from previous years. We want to emphasize that we want to keep the pace of practice pretty high and efficient.  We want to maximize the amount of reps we can get in practice, get material we can critique and teach off of.  We were a little light with our veteran personnel who are finishing up various commitments with high school coaching, schedule conflicts and what not.  So it gave a lot of the newcomers a lot of reps" said Ancheta.

    Saturdays practice also showcased the depth of of the coaching staff. Coach Daniel Matzinger and Brad Schafer could be seen coaching the offensive line and running backs.

    QBs Eric Archuletta and Ed Simpson look to pick up the offensive scheme and have a good competition in the OTAs and training camps.  "Eric has been putting in work since September.  Ed is a seasoned veteran that has playing experience with the Portland Panthers and Portland Thunderbolts.  Both QBs look to compete and elevate each others game" Ancheta is quoted. 

    In change of pace drills and the offense staged with their backs to the end zone at the 5 yard line, the defense was challenged to get after the offense.  The ultimatum- to make a defensive score in four plays.  After two runs were shut down and a pass intercepted and downed, the offense was reset and staged again at the 5 yard line. On play number four, Defensive Coordinator Calvin Bell and the defense delivered on their challenge flushing out QB Archuletta out of the pocket and was tagged by defensive end Jaron Jones for a safety. 

    The Pit Bulls hold another OTA on Saturday January 27, 2017.  All athletes looking to try out for the team are instructed to register at the link at the bottom of the article. Preferred athletes are offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and linebackers. Go Pit Bulls!!!